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Default Re: Does Hack-A-Player Ever Work?

You cant do it in NBA Live 2005 because you cant select what player you foul...You might foul Ray Allen who is rated 92 at free throws and even if you foul Shaquille O'neal he usually shoots a higher percentage than what he does in real life when you play Superstar mode, which is the mode i always play.

Sometimes i can come back from 10 points down with a minute 1:15 remaining using the hack theory, but i have to steal the inbounds pass and i feel like i'm cheating the game, the computer has earnt the lead and shouldn't have to succumb to my cheating ways just because theres a gliche in the game, i usually play out a loss in this situation especially if im playing as the Knicks or the Clippers, because its supposed to happen.
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