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Default Re: Are there really Toronto Raptors fans out there who still want TJ Ford over Calde

Originally Posted by KWALI
Why are people acting like TJ was some turnover machine...could y'all look up the stats on TJ please........Infact the Celtic game where Jose shone he had more turnovers than usual but was in the lane making more of an impact. Instead of merely swinging the ball....becuz they Raps shoot so many gott damn threes you can rack up assists (read Bargnani) just catching the ball on the perimeter and passing to the left every time.
I find that funny as well. TJ Ford is averaging 2.4 turnovers a game. That is not a lot by any means, especially when you consider the way that Ford plays (i.e. agressive, fast paced game)

Calderon is averaging 1.8 turnovers a game which is fantastic, but overrated if you actually watch Calderon play. It is hard to turn the ball over when you play such a passive game. (i.e. pulling up on fast breaks, making conservative plays)

If you compare the turnovers it is only a measley 0.6 difference and when you factor in the complete opposite playing styles, I don't find Calderon's turnover numbers so much better then Ford's.

(Not sure if those are the exact turnover numbers. Last I remember those are what they were so I just went with that.)

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