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Default After all this the Bulls are a half game out of the playoffs?

Game and a half behind the 7th seed? Bobcats up next.

And the Nets play in Denver next. The Pacers play the Heat though and the Hawks Seattle so they may have wins there.

Bulls could be 7th or 8th in like 3 days or just as easily be 10th.

Point isnt that they are going to go up. Just that they have slowly climbed back up playing (barely)over .500 ball the last 2 months. Its going 3-9 in december that has the record so bad.

Kirk was hurt and has mostly played the worst ball of his career. Noc was hurt. Deng was(and is hurt). Ben just missed a game. But the season is long. The season is really really long.

Last 15 games Ben is scoring 23ppg on 48% shooting and 46% from 3(and still leading the NBA in Ft shooting for the year around 92). Kirk looking more like himself and just played the best game of his career. Noc put up 18 a game in January and Joe Smith 15. And Deng is still hurt.

How often does December really show all there is to know about a team? Rare. But people always act like it does. Im not saying the Bulls will be a great or even good team team by the playoffs. Im not even saying for sure they make the playoffs. But I am saying the Bulls are never the same team in March and April that they were in December. Terrible starts. Just how it is.

I never worry about records in December and really...not january either. Bulls might end up 13th or 14th. But in the NBA its always too early to give up in December. And if they do get to 7 or 8 and play the Celtics or Pistons I wont be bothered. Gotta beat the best to do anything that matters anyway. If you cant beat them in round 1 you wouldnt beat them in the ECF anyway.

Get well Deng. Need a good run...

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