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Originally Posted by Finn T-Mac
In my mind, this is the western conference playoffs.. Top 7 should be easy to predict. Dallas is going to lead because of their team hasn't changet too much, but they will lose in the second round. Phoenix is going to be once again fun to watch but amare is still the question. Rockets are great if healthy. And don't forget sacramento, after the artest trade they were just great last season. The 8 spot could be for denver but the warriors, lakers and memphis has a change to take it. GS has change if they somehow get rid of Dunleavy jr. and get better player for that spot. Kobe will not lead the league in scoring this season and gasol ain't the francise player to lead memphis on a better spot.

1. Dallas
2. Phoenix
3. (4) San Antonio
4. (3) Sacramento
5. Clippers
6. (4) Rockets
7. Hornets
8. Warriors/Lakers/Memphis/Denver
Finally, another person who thinks. And by the way SixerB!tch. You are the reason people are banned. You came into another teams forum to bring nothing but negativity, and nonsense. I came to support a team that I beleive WILL make the playoffs. If I am wrong, then just let me be wrong. So stop ruining this thread with your crap, and go back to the Phili forum.
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