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Originally Posted by Jerballers
Kirk-14 pt, 7.5 assist, 2 reb
Gordon-17 pt, 4 ast, 2 reb
Dang- 15 pt, 3 ast, 6 reb
Pj- 15 pt, 2 ast, 8 reb
Ben- 9 pt, 1 ast, 11 reb
key Bench
Nocioni- 12 pt, 2 ast, 5 reb
tyrus- 8 pt, 3 ast, 7 reb
duhon- 10 pt, 5 ast, 3 reb
sefolosha- 7 pt, 2 ast, 2 reb

what do you guys think

I agree that PJ has very little chance of getting 15 per, although 10 might not be out of the question depending on how the style of play changes. Nocioni had better get more than 12 per, or Skiles will bench him till he gets his act together. If he gets starters minutes, he will also have more than 5 reb per game, probably up around 7 or 8.

I would be ecstatic if TT got 8/7/3, but I don't see that happening in his first year, maybe a 5/5 if he's lucky. Thabo's numbers seem about right.

With Kirk, either his scoring will go up and assists will go down, or scoring down and assists up. With this team, he doesn't have to be the playmaker anymore, so he just has to set everyone else up for good shots.
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