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Default Re: thoughts on Damon Jones?

Originally Posted by mlh1981
He's stepped up for us recently and has played decent ball. Let's be realistic here. We aren't going to land any big names via trade, so we are stuck with what we have. I would rather have him out on the court than Larry Hughes. He is a one trick pony, but lately, he has brought leadership and moxie to the court. His defense and passing has even been improved as of late.

Thoughts on Damon Jones? Again, not making him out to be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I'm really impressed with him lately, the professionalism he has displayed, and the fact that he's NOT Larry Hughes.........

Anything's better than Hughes right now. Is Jones the answer? Nope? Does he play well? Nope? Do I like him as a player or personality? Hell no. He's arrogant, and he sucks. He has a way overinflated opinion of himself.

He's trash. But then Hughes is bigger trash.

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