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Originally Posted by PhxFanAtBirth
What about a package of Boris Diaw, Alando Tucker and that Atlanta First Round pick this year?
we'd take that marion one....first rounder enticing ...atlanta's playing .500 ball though. i'm glad that theres some movement in these sixer forum waters ty. as for the trade good proposition albeit flawed one due to the fact they brought on steve kerr to strip the suns cap not add another longer contract in the form of dalembert. take dalembert and that leaves booth/smith i don't care if it does and adds marion. but then we'd win alot more as well and start the run of the mill club we had not too long ago. what we need is a young core, blue chips, and cap space. in a few years we can hopefully net a lebron, melo , wade , or bosh. (a man can dream)
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