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Originally Posted by berraco
Yeah, Rudy and Marc are mentally weak, sure. That's the best joke I have heard for a long time.

I implied I would rather meet an AAU kid, Marc Gasol and Rudy Fernandez in a dark alley than Tiago Splitter anything beyond that you invented.

Originally Posted by GoldMedallist
Well, you say, if Tau wins against DKV, Splitter is better than Rudy.

Well, I can say since Spain won a world championship and Brasil sucked, Rudy is a Champion and Splitter sucked.

Please, try to watch the games, and being objective. It doesn't matter what the team record is to judge a player.

I never said Rudy Fernandez sucked, what I said only playing in the acb doesn't make Rudy Fernandez the best player outside the nba but I'm arguing with someone that claims Tiago Splitter completely sucked in fiba competition and Spain's championship wasn't a team effort. Spain's championship happened over a year ago so try focusing on today and being objective for once.

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