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Default Drew Gooden situation and answer...

The Cavs should just go on ahead and sign Drew Gooden to the one year tender for the $5 million or whatever it is, and then really split time between Gooden and Varajao, and then analyze their games and see what they want to do at the end of the season if not by the trade deadline.

If they had Drew and AV, and started giving AV more playing time and like what they see, then go on ahead and try and do a trade for Drew, or just let him go next year and sign AV to the extension at the PF.

If they want to go vice versa, if they see that Drew is their PF, try to trade AV and get something out of him, and then give Drew his 6 year $ 48 Million deal next year.

I think Drew is not going to get any offers for more than that $50 mill 6 year deal.
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