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its ours nxt year LA09
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Originally Posted by cyco127
Larry Brown ruined his own rep by essentially forcing two teams in two years to fire him so he could collect ridiculous amounts of money for doing pretty much nothing.
Ok well he didnt exactly get an offer from the Pistons. He wasnt forcing any team to do anything. Its not his fault Pistons sucked so much they couldnt beat the Spurs (when last season they got knocked out by the Mavs). Brown is a good coach but his not a coach that can win you 3 or 4 titles together. He starts off slow like he had to with the Knicks. Well Knicks were so bad so much and their GM's so stupid they put all these good players on one team and felt happy about it. Then they get the worst record in the NBA. Which players come and go depend on the GM. The coach is only responsible for making the team successful. But if the GM is this stupid than the coach cant coach.

Well what are you guys so proud of? Missing the playoffs for the last what 5 years? Or that your coach is so good you guys had the best record in the Pacific division. Mike Montogomery is the best coach isnt he? Fine, if not Larry Brown, what about Rick Adelman? He has had a good career. Coaching the Blazers to the finals, coaching Kings to conference finals. I could see him as a future Warriors coach.
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