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Default Re: OT: MTV Movie Awards, Who's the hotter babe, Christina Aguilera or Jessica Alba?

Can't go wrong with either Alba or Christina. But Christina looks like a slut so she probably gets the one niter or if you just wanna whore it up. But to marry, def Alba. But alba been looking too skinny lately. She gots to eat.

Alba looking like she be eating too many celery, and not enough sausage. What a waste. She is like a Shawn Kemp, but instead of one of the best ever she got too skinny, while Kemp got fat.

so looking at those I think Christina is my choice.
She got booty.

Nice legs

and these pics just puts her on top

but she can also look classy, if you wanna show her to moms (got to tell her to wear a bra tho)

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