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Default Re: I.Y.O, the Most Offending/Contemptuous Insult

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
Any word in general capable of instantly enraging you?

I wouldn't necessarily get angry if one called me this, but then again they aren't going to get a good deal out of the exchange either, if you know what I mean.
A day in the life of JM
8:30 AM Wakeup
8:45 AM Eats donuts
9:00 AM Masturbates to Sissy Spacek
9:30 AM Gets on ISH
10:00 AM Masterbates to Susan Sarandon
12:30 AM Eats more Donuts
1:00 PM Watches his daily viewing of Titanic. Cries
4:00 PM Gets on ISH
4:30 PM Masturbates to his ISH posts
5:00 PM goes upstairs to eat dinner with mommy
5:30 PM Eats more donuts
6:00 PM Jacks off to Sailor Moon
6:30 PM Gets on ISH while eating donuts at the same time
8:00 PM Masturbates. Donuts make him horny
8:30 PM Gets on ISH
10:00 PM Cries
10:30 PM Calls girl he talked to once in school asking her out on a date Friday-"wanna go see that new X-man movie? I heard the Special effects are craaaazy" . Because he's known as the creepy fatass, she promplty declines
10:45 PM Masturbates to school mates year book photo
11:00 PM Gets back on ISH
12:00 PM Responds to this reply by saying something along the lines of "wow that sounds like your speaking from experience, that's not me, that's you! Please approve of me ISH, see I'm witty?"
12:15 PM Cries some more upon realizing this post hit home.
12:30 Masterbates while eating donuts
1:00 AM Sleeps

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