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JJ Stokes didnt pan out. I *****ing asked how many panned out. Not for a list of who made. Geeze, how hard is that to do?

Steve Smith is not humble on the field. He constantly yaps. One incident? He's had plenty caught on cam. No one is saying he is a bad guy but he has his moments when he is cocky. Did you see him tear up the Bears? He was cocky as cocky can be. Watch the damn highlights. NYG game? Same deal.

All you're doing is defending the guy because you're a fan and you are taking the cocky display from him and thinkin its negative. Its not. You dont label his antics on the field cocky? I do. You assume he doesnt talk trash on the field? I do. You cant tell me he doesnt run his rap. All WR's have, even Jerry Rice the golden boy.
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