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You can interpret it as cockiness if you want. But some people may see it as just unflappable confidence. All good WR's are cocky/selfish in some way. There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, you should have to be selfish in order to be a good receiver in the NFL. You gotta WANT the ball. If you don't, the DB will beat you for it everytime. You don't think Marvin Harrison has ever been pissed at Peyton Manning for not gettin him the ball? All WR's want the ball. Some guys just express themselves differently..

As for trash talking.. Chad Johnson and Steve Smith do it in a friendly, competitive way. Nobody ever takes Chad Johnson seriously. People get a kick out of the shyt he pulls (sending Cleveland DB's Peptol Bismol because they were gonna get "sick" of covering him, c'mon.. who takes that as a serious jab?). TO, on the other hand, just seems to rub people the wrong way. You'll see Chad at the Pro-Bowl kickin it with the other guys, and TO would usually be the guy sitting by himself.

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