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QRich was unbelievably horrible shooting the ball last year - that's why fine-ass Brandi dumped his ass. Although he did play good D near the end of the season it was, at times, embarassing for all parties involved. And when you add in the fact he doesn't get along with Steph, yeah, dude's gotta go. However, I really have reservations about Darius Miles.

I do think Miles is a better player, no doubt. Miles is very exciting to watch - there's a reason he was as popular as he was at one time. He is athletic as hell, kind of like Marvin Williams as far as that 'next-level' type speed and jumping. He shows flashes of really nice passing and a good shooting stroke.

There's a problem, though: the dude is a nutcase! Ask anyone associated with the Portland Trailblazers how they feel about D-Miles and they will have all kinds of sh*t to say. Even Brian Skinner called him out for being unprofessional! The Blazers are dying to get rid of this guy, so much so they might even buy his a$$ out if we won't take him. Peoples in Portland, from players to coaches to writers, talk about him like he is Satan. There has to be a reason for that.

The problem w/ the Knicks last year wasn't talent - it was chemistry. That's what concerns me about this trade. Imagine coaching Steph, Francis, Nate, Eddy Curry, Jerome James... and D-Miles? Nah, dude.
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