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Post George Karl should let k-mart go! (Karl, out of his mind)

This is what was written in
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Last week, Karl said he expects Martin, who had a run-in with him during the playoffs and was suspended, to begin next season with the Nuggets. But Patterson, who is close to Martin and was his University of Cincinnati teammate, doesn't believe it will work. "I know for sure it's not going to," Patterson said. "Because I know Kenyon. He's not happy (in Denver). He told me after the season he wanted to go. If he's not gone, he's really going to go crazy." Asked for a response, Karl said, "Everybody is entitled to their opinion."

I don't understand. Karl is just keeping Kenyon and why? In my mind Kenyon is great player but next season is going to be horrible if he doesn't get traded. I think he would play great in some other team, (where is well distributing pg, at least I wiss he will). So why Karl doesn't understand that, and just want's to keep him around. Does he feel that they can work it out or is there something else we don't know? And the roster is full of big men.

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