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Originally Posted by geeWiz15
Ostertag's heir, apparently. Sloan loves having a big ass guy on his team to just flatten people. Araujo can do that much. I'd say Raptors got ripped in this trade. Hoffa with coaching could at least be an NBA-quality guy good for a few minutes of night and some toughness. Humphries? Come on, he's clearly never going to turn into anything and besides, he's a skinny 6'11 guy with long arms... as if the Raptors need another one of these? I'd have gotten a second round pick if I could.

GeeWiz just proves he's just trying to stir up shit and doesn't know anything.

Kris Humphries isn't a "6'11'' guy with long arms." He is 6'8''-6'9'' and ripped. He is a big guy for his height and VERY athletic.

But I agree with GoBB, this trade barely even deserves a thread. The only reason it has one is because all the Raptor fans wanted to see Hoffa go. Kris, Whaley, Hoffa . . . they'll all be 12th men for the rest of their careers. That's if they even last in the NBA.
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