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Default Re: Pistons trade Primoz Brezec to Raptors for Juan Dixon

This is actually a pretty good move. If anyone thought Dixon could actually get something of great value then your living in your dream world.

We are trading an expiring contract in Dixon for another expiring contract in Brezec.

We needed another big and did not need Dixon at all so in a sense this does benefit the Raptors in their point of view.

Now to me, Brezec is another version of Rasho but at 2.7 mill instead of Rasho's 8.7 or whatever million he's making.

Now think about this, next year Rasho will be an expiring contract and if Brezec shows the same ability of Rasho then we could potentially sign Brezec for a smaller deal like 1.5 million and use Rasho as trade bait next deadline.

Now for people who think Rasho will not have trade value, your dead wrong since expiring contracts are worth a ton. If Raptors see a player next year which they think is signed to a decent contract and can help the team, Rasho becomes useful since the team acquiring him would be just interested in getting cap relief.

If Rasho is moved next year and you still have Brezec on the team at 1.5mil producing similar to what Rasho is already bringing then thats good since your getting Rasho type production for 1.5 mil instead of the current 8.7 mill.

Colangelo did exactly what he said he would do. Nothing major but the move makes the team better short term without messing up what he wants to do long term with this team.
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