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Default Re: [ this is a Blockbuster ]

I'm not sure where you Bulls fans are going on talking about Wallace and his contract, Him and Hughes' contracts get closer in salary over the next 2 years, so it's no big deal. Chicago needed a big man and traded 2 big men for another guard with a hugh deal and one mediocre inconsistent big man in Gooden, which should fit Chicago, you better hope that when Gooden is playing bad that Gordon is on fire, and when Gordon is off that Gooden is on fire, that's your only hopes for Gooden. If Hughes keeps producing like he has over the past month, then you will be happy. Yes Hughes had a 40 point game, but for us Cavs fans that's equivilant to the 19 rebound game Wallace had, we'll take 10+ rebounds from Wallace, good D and 0 Points. That means the 12-18 jumpers Hughes takes can go to Wally, West, Gibson, which I'm sure those guys can make a higher percentage.

Chicago got a nice deal, but Brown and Simmons won't be much of anything. Are you going to resign Brown, when you have Hinrich, Duhon, Sefolosha, Hughes big contract, and Gordon wanting a big contract, and then Noci and Deng at the 3, where does Shannon Brown fit in?? You guys will let him go like we were going to do. Simmons you'll keep, simply cuz you have no big men now, and Tyrus Thomas is not a big man.

Cleveland overall upgrades, Gooden could score, but only did when he wasn't splitting time with AV, when he split time he was useless. Hughes has been bad for 2 and a half years, we've won 50 games without him, we went to the finals with him being injured, and the only good thing about him is his Defense, and if Pavlovic can play like last year, we didn't lose anything. We have a nice frontline and can hang with the other top teams in the East, and maybe contend with San Antonio, cuz that'll be the team from the West to show in the finals.

We do nothing to our future financial situation, we still have a lot of contracts expiring next season, and we pay more luxury this season which I don't give a damn if a millionaire pays a few extra million. And Hughes and Wallaces contracts expire at the same time, and I assume Wallace will play better in Cleveland, which he will, cuz we aren't expecting as much out of him as Chicago was, he had no other big men to play with or any other Veterans other than Joe Smith, with us he plays with Av, Smith, Z, and LeBron those are big men and some leaders and veterans to play with, like when he played with Detroit, and if Wally, West, and Smith can produce offensively Wallace can average 1 Point a game but along with 12 rebounds and he'll be cheered greatly.
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