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Default Re: [ this is a Blockbuster ]

Originally Posted by A.M.G.
The Cavs gave up a lot of their youth and depth for some established veterans and a shaky young combo guard. I'm not sure I like the trade from a Cavs POV.

How much longer will 33 year old Ben Wallace, 32 year old Joe Smith, 32 year old Big Z, and 30 year old injury prone Wally Sczzcczcerbikiak, continue to be able to produce, play big minutes, and stay healthy/injury free? The Cavs frontcourt just got very old.

Are you kidding me? Did you look at the length of their contracts? I think Joe Smith has one year left, Ben Wallace two, and the other two guys expire after this season, if not, the year after.

Age doesn't even come into play. These guys will be gone if they don't perform, and the Cavs will have a chance to completely remake the team one more time before Lebron's contract is up.

Our salary cap number got bigger, but we picked up players with less years left on their contract. It was a smart trade all around.

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