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alright, sonics fans. tell me what it is about this dude. i don't know whether to feel sorry for him or what.

he gotta drafted pretty high so he had to have some sign of talent, only to spend the last 2 seasons injured. he's had reconstructive surgery on his right knee and on the game the other night vs. POR, doug collins was talking about how he's been working hard to get back and all that. moments later, the guy is walking off court into the locker room and it's revealed now that he's torn his meniscus. he can't catch a break. i couldn't imagine being this injury prone. i would be scared to even play.

how much longer can SEA management sit and wait for him to stay healty? i think petro has gotten an extension but i don't think swift will, seeing how elson is in town now. do any fans give a crap about him or not? i don't want to call him the "B" word, but it's not looking good.

oh, and that's "B" as in Bust.
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