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Originally Posted by kshutts1
Bulls fan here..

I'll give you Ben Wallace and Tyrus Thomas for Wally and Collison

Wallace has a crappy contract, but his expires a year later than Wally's, which is GOOD for you, because it's the same year that Durant and Green are up for extensions. Much easier to take the money then than it is to save it for a year, ya know?

Likewise, TT is an uber-athlete that should be an important part of a rebuilding team (Sonics) that has two future studs that love to get out and run (durant and green). He would be a player that can get up and down the court.. imagine the heaven a PG would be in if he had Durant on one wing and TT on the other during a fast break?

What do you think?

Ben Wallace kills that trade. No way in hell Seattle takes on that big of a contract, and it might also sacrifice any hopes of getting a top three pick.
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