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Default Re: Bynum out another 4-6 weeks

Ah ok. Well unfortunatley alot of waht we read and hear is speculation. He said himself he is out another 4-6 weeks. Doctors dont even want him up off the couch he said. He still has to rehab and condition for weeks before he even walks on the court. No way he comes back March 9th.

I think you misunderstood his interview, he was doing some lighthearted joking that apparently you didn't' catch on to.

What Bynum did say, was that his rehab is on schedule, (as has every other article, interview etc.) He will be back mid-march. March 11th would be the earliest, but probably at least a few games after that as to not rush things.

As for being off the couch, that was a total joke, I don't know how you thought that was serious. There are many reports that he's already running in the pool, and no ill effects, and that he feels he could run on a treadmill now but the docs want him to do another week in the pool before that. That means he's about 2 1/2 - 3 weeks away from returning.

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