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Default Re: Bynum out another 4-6 weeks

Originally Posted by 211269
ummm, no. I Tivo'd the game and just watched it again. He said "I am about 4-6 weeks away right now". Ireland asks "So hopefully by April 1st?". Andrew gets a hmmm, I dont know look on his face and says "Its possible but we dont want to rush things right now".

So no, he will not be back in 2-3 weeks. Thanks

Dude, I know what he said, but I think even Bynum misunderstood the question (thus the 'hmmmm' answer. he didn't quite understand). He will be back before April 1. Do I need to go and post every single article that has said this from the past week? There are probably 4 or 5 of them, the latest they put him off schedule is 1 week. If he's walking around the arena with no brace or anything as he was the other day, and running in the pool with no swelling or any ill effects (plus he said he felt like he could run fine right at that moment, but the doctors told him not to) then he is doing very well and back mid-to-late March.

I don't know what to tell you, but I don't give much weight a 20 yr old kid who has admitted to being extremely nervous during TV interviews and to me seemed to be stumbling over his words. I'm going to take the word of the team physicians, coaches and management (plus the medical evidence) and say that he will be back in March. I saw the interview live, and my reaction was definitely not "he's out for 4-6 weeks" - I'm pretty sure he contradicts himself too by saying he'll be back for 15 games or so before the playoffs start.

My money is on March 21, or maybe the 23rd, as those are the first home games after a 5 game road trip which looks like the perfect opportunity to plug him back in. His original timeframe would've put him back March 10 which means he'd have to start practicing this week. The pool running means he's a week away from practicing so that post-roadie looks like the most logical time to work him back into the rotation. He'll probably come off the bench for a few games with limited minutes, and then move into the starting role after his conditioning gets better.

Also, as my final point, I think if it were true that Bynum was going to be out another 4-6 weeks, you'd be reading about it somewhere other than on a message board. That's major news, and no-one printed it, so I think it's safe to say it's probably not true.

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