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Originally Posted by AKADS
I have Orlando as a 5 or 6 seed next yr. right now. I need to see who makes deal first.

Dwight will become a 18 / 13
Darko 12/7 / 3 blocks / 1 steal
Jameer 16 / 7 assists
Hedu 15 / 6 / 3
If they get Roy who wil go for 15 / 6/ 4/ 2 steals( Which i don't think they will but i hope they do) then this team will be a 5 seed.

which is a 76 point starting 5 with Arroyo, Battie and Hill off the bench.

Is there any team with a brighter 2007; maybe Bobcats.

would they not keep stevenson? at least as a bench player, and i reckon the magic will get rodney carney darko, dwight, carney and jameer nelson should be SICK
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