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Default Re: P's to sign Flip Murray

Originally Posted by PacerRaptor
i wouldnt say hes a GOOD shooter, but hes capable.

Croshere, is he gone? I haven't heard much of him, I think he may have been traded to Dallas a while back. He was a pretty good shooter, I liked him. Draft Brook Lopez of Stanford, and you'll get your 3-point shooting. Hell, he'll get you your half-court shooting too. Then draft his brother Robin for defense. Haha, jk, I'm a Lopez homer but he ain't gonna have NBA 3 point range. I hope Spurs trade up; maybe do an Ian Mahinmi (expirer), Ime Udoka (expirer), and two second round draft choices for Memphis's #1 overall draft pick. Heck, we'll give you future rights to one of our overseas kids too (though you can't have Tiago Splitter, but take your pick in the land of Argentina!). If only they would **** up for us. Then we could get Brook Lopez, bring Tiago Splitter over, get then coached up, win this year and next's champships, then re-sign Udoka the offseason after this offseason, and we can win for the next 10 years.
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