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Default Re: Should We Re-Sign Ira Newble

Originally Posted by 1~Gibson~1
Should we really re-sign ira newble? i mean hes a guy that can put up 10-5 and he already knows the system. he can help out on teaching the new guys (delonte, joe smith, wally, and ben), hes a great defender, and he can guard a point guard, shooting guard, small forward, and some power forwards. he would be a great addition to this team!

He's a solid player. As I would say with any player you asked me about, it depends on his asking price.

I like the team we have now. I wish we could either get Wally more involved in the offense, or pick up another scorer.

But keeping this team together could prove to be expensive. I just hope Ferry doesn't jump the gun and resign these guys for huge $$$ and then they turn out to not be enough, because then we're right back where we started.

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