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Default Re: Predict your chosen players to be their averages in the NBA season

Originally Posted by UConnCeltics
Derrick Rose-
9.0 ppg
4.0 rpg
7.5 apg

O.J. Mayo-
15.0 ppg
3.0 rpg
-10.0 apg

Michael Beasley-
19.0 ppg
11.0 rpg
4.0 apg

Deandre Jordan-
2.0 ppg
1.0 rpg
0.5 apg

No love for Gordon?

That's a bit more realistic, though I don't see Beasley getting over 10 rebounds, nor Rose getting 7.5 apg, and he'll probably score in double digits.

Derrick Rose
12 ppg
3.5 rpg
5.5 apg

O.J. Mayo
15 ppg
2.5 rpg
4 apg

DeAndre Jordan
3 ppg
1 rpg
0 apg

Michael Beasley
18 ppg
6 rpg
2 apg
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