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Default Re: Jordan Farmar's Maximum Potential

Originally Posted by dd24
Sorry, but this is completely incorrect. You may need to elaborate more. Farmar is a 1, Miller was a 2. Farmar will be very good but he doesn't have the size to be one of the greatest ever. Reggie Miller is one of the best 2 gaurds the NBA will ever see. Do you really think Farmar could be on the original dream team? Iverson is nearly the same size as Farmar. I don't think Farmar is better. Iverson is not regarded as one of the greatest. If we talked top 10 to 15 PG's of all time we might be able to include his name. He won't even play in the Olympics this year. Do you really think Farmar will ever play in the Olympics? There is Paul, Roy, Williams, etc. They are the ones that are going to be great. Farmar will be very good, but not great. There is a difference. Being a starter doesn't make a player great. I love what he has done lately, but it isn't great, otherwise he would be the starter. I think Farmar is the future starter of the team. He will even win championships with them. But it isn't because he is one of the options that are Kobe, Gasol, or Bynum. He will be a 5th option at best, which is nothing to be ashamed of. With the players he has around him that is a nice place to be.

No one thought Reggie Miller would be as good as he was either.
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