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Default Re: Official PimpCast: Mavericks vs. Lakers, 3/2/08, 12:30PM PST, Staples Center

Originally Posted by gts
well then i ask you this, take the word of a unemployed coach who has never won it all or the word of the coach trying to lead his team to what could be his tenth ring? lol

I deleted my original response to this because I ended up writing another essay. Someone get me a writing instructor.

Anyways, just because Phil has 9 rings doesn't mean he's numero uno in all things basketball. There are aspects of the game in which certain individuals with less stellar resumes can still be more knowledgeable. Jim Boeheim is the undisputed master of the 2-3 zone. Zero NBA rings to his credit. Pete Carrill is the master of the Princeton offense. Again, zero rings. Larry Brown only has one ring, but most would agree that he's better at in-game management than Phil, who seems to be allergic to timeouts. I would say that Phil is a better coach than any of the guys I listed, but I'd take their word on particular things over Phil's.

Until someone declares Phil Jackson to be God of basketball, I will reserve the right to question some of his in-game decisions.

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