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Default Re: Just for laughs (hopefully)...

Originally Posted by Frank Foley
That's a hell of a post. I take it you have a psych background?
Hehe, yeah. I'm in a clinical psychology Ph.D. program. But don't give me too much credit, most of that was cut-and-pasted from the online Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. I just changed "depressed" to "Kobe Hating." Then I added a few little things of my own. Funny how a real disorder can sound so similar to a person who is really obsessed with hating Kobe.

Treatment/cures? I'll have to get back to you all on that one...It may be incurable.

That was classic Kobe last night. He won us the game and even when he was dominating late it didn't feel like he was "forcing it." He just did what he had to and when he was doubled he gave the ball up most of the time. If Sasha or a couple of the other guys made a few more open shots it wouldn't have been as close of a game as it ended up being.
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