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Originally Posted by JohnnySic
Ha, maybe if they added some veterans like Wally and Scal they wouldn't have such a high pick every year.

Draft picks are always valuable, even second rounders. 2 firsts is nothing to sneeze at.
If draft picks are so valuable, why are you in such a hurry to get rid of them? :confused:

Anyway, what I imagine the Bobcats are looking for in return would be (a) a young SG or (b) a solid, preferably young-ish, backup PF/C. They would probably prefer a player to a pick if they're moving Brevin this season, as they are fast approaching the talent level of "good enough not to be in the mix for a #1 overall pick, but not good enough to be a title threat."

As a Laker fan, I sure wouldn't mind seeing Brevin Knight in a Lakers uniform (his contract is about right and as has been mentioned, he's a solid, pass-first point guard; would be excellent next to Kobe because Brevin doesn't mind giving Kobe as many shots as Kobe wants).

However, I think the Lakers have only three pieces that would even come close to being attractive to the Bobcats - Bynum (who they won't move), Chris Mihm, and Kwame Brown. I don't think any of those pieces is attractive enough to the Bobcats, and even if they were, the Lakers probably can't afford to lose any more size right now.

So the Lakers are out of the running. Other teams that I have to think might be interested... in increasing order of likelihood (IMO):

Raptors - would want him, but have nothing Charlotte wants but Bosh and Villanueva, who aren't moving.

The Rockets are another team that could really use Brevin Knight, but unless Charlotte wants Stromile Swift (and I can't imagine why they would), forget it.

The Jazz might not mind having Brevin Knight around to mentor Deron Williams, but unless Charlotte is interested in Gordan Giricek - and they shouldn't be - I can't think of any pieces the Jazz would give up... they already made a move with Toronto and that got rid of Humphries, who might have been a guy that could have interested Charlotte.

Portland might be interested in Knight as a solid backup and mentor for Telfair, and especially as a character guy. If Darius Miles wasn't such a complete bonehead, Charlotte might be interested. But he is, so they're not.

The Wolves could use Knight... and have a piece they might be able to move in Ricky Davis (assuming Charlotte will take his knuckleheadedness). The Wolves can then slide McCants into the starting lineup. If they feel McCants is ready, the Wolves might just be crazy enough to do this, but I'm just not convinced it does much for the Wolves.

The Grizzlies would probably love to have Brevin, considering they were starting Chucky Atkins for part of the year. Only problem is, I'm not sure that they have the right pieces to give up... Mike Miller and Hakim Warrick are probably the only players that fit the needs of the Bobcats. It could happen, I guess, but I don't know that it markedly improves the Grizzlies.

The 76ers could use Knight (use AI at shooting guard) but Charlotte isn't going to take Dalembert - he makes too much money. If the Sixers are willing to move Steven Hunter, maybe something can get done.

The Hornets don't particularly need Knight - they have Chris Paul - but if they want to get a solid backup PG and get rid of Byron Scott unfavorite JR Smith, I kind of suspect the Bobcats would take him as a young SG.

You know the Knicks are going to call anyone who offers any player for trade. Unless the Knicks are dumb enough to send Channing Frye or David Lee to the Bobcats, nothing will happen. Given that Isiah runs the Knicks, expect to see both Frye, Lee, and two first-round picks headed to Charlotte this summer.

The Cavaliers could really use Knight, but it's hard to see what they could offer Charlotte. Hughes makes too much money. Damon Jones is too one-dimensional. Eric Snow is too old. Donyell Marshall is too old. Maybe Anderson Varajeo and maybe throw in Luke Jackson to give the Bobcats a couple of young talents? I don't think the Cavs want to lose Varajeo, but you have to give something to get something, and I think Knight fits a weakness (starting PG) perfectly for the Cavs, while Varajeo gives the Bobcats a talented young frontcourt guy - just the thing they are looking for. With some salary cap filler, this might be possible.

Dallas is always looking to collect quality players, and they actually have a piece that might interest Charlotte... Marquise Daniels. Daniels is a young, athletic guy who probably can fit into the hole at the two-guard spot in Charlotte, and who has a relatively modest contract - but Dallas won't miss him all that much. Knight gets to go to a better situation team-wise, while Daniels gets to go to a team that can give him the minutes he needs. This one is actually within the realm of possibility, IMO.

The Hawks could use Knight, too (poor guy if he gets traded here) and have plenty of young bodies to offer... or possibly Al Harrington? The Hawks want to move Harrington, he wants out, and he would give the Bobcats a backup scorer at the PF spot. If not Harrington, perhaps a combo of Childress and Stoudemire to open up a spot for Marvin Williams? Plenty of possibilities here - if both teams are interested, a deal should get done.
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