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Originally Posted by gts
here's my problem with that... there already is a scoring title, there's a DPOY award, there's all NBA teams..all of those are individual awards like a "MOST OUTSTANDING PLAYER" award would be... I like that the MVP can be won by a guy like Nash one year and a powerhouse like Shaq another... I'd hate to see the award given to a player whose team misses the playoffs but because he puts up the statline he is the winner...

each season is different and some years you have a guy like Nash doing more than just scoring to elevate his team and other years your going to have a shaq type who can put the team on his back and carry them to victory...

good discussion gang..keep it up
If you are truely the Most Outstanding Player your team must have at least made the playoffs. One year Nash is more outstanding than Kobe based on HIS stats. Assist to turnover ratio, scoring, etc.

If DWhistle was averaging 35.5 ppg this season im betting Miami would be in the playoff picture.

The Canadian Football League (Up in my area WAY up in Canada) does this... they announce each team's nomination for MOP and during the Championship week they narrow it down to 2 and finally pick a winner. You never hear an argument about it, although it usually goes to the QB of one of the teams in the big game... thats just how it works out in an 8 team league.

However, I dont see a problem with the writers nominating 16 players for Most Outstanding player and cutting it down to 4 at the start of the playoffs... then handing it out before (or after) the NBA finals.
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