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I think its gotta be a a more balanced combo of winning and plying great. Right now, i think is too oriented on how well the team is doing. I do think this has to be considered when deciding the MVP though. Just not with as much emphasis as it is having. It seems to me the main criteria is having one of the best records in the league (dirk), with less emphasis of how the individual player has played. I give the MVP to Nash the 1st year he won, but not the 2nd.

I dont think it would be right a player got an MVP and miss the playoffs. I think you have to lead your team to some level of success to win the MVP, but not necessarily the best record. Say you have a crap team and lead them to 45-50 wins. If that player had an incredible season, while leading them to the playoffs on a shyt team, i dont see why they shouldnt be considered as one of the top contenders for the MVP. I think they just need to put a little more weight on other circumstances other than just leading your team to the best record.
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