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Default Changes for Next year

It obvious that changes need to be made. What changes would you implement for next season? To be honest, I would he happy if the Pacers sank the season and got a good pick and started from there. Theres a lot of PG and PF/C talent in this years draft, which is exactly what we need (we have WAY too many good swingmen). I think the Pacers would realisticly get the 7th pick , which could mean OJ Mayo (PG) or even DeAndre Jordan (C). We somehow need to get rid of O'Neal, Tinsley, and Murphy; they all have heavy contracts. Its clear we have a really young team, which is good considering we're going to have another young player added after the draft. I would love to see this starting lineup at the end of next season:

Tinsley (somehow)
Diogu (he needs to get more playing time
DeAndre Jordan

and have Daniels, Rush and Foster off the bench...

what do you guys think? We really need to get rid of JO and Murphy, I hate their contracts
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