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Originally Posted by ZeN
So... who would expect for Phil to fill in for luke?

Because yes luke is injured and is being stalled by nagging ailments.. but..

who should replace him?
Turiaf. I think he's even quicker than Luke right now.
The only other option to include in the game is VRad, if you want to make the ajustment.. yet.. he is injured also, and as we saw last night, Vlad seems to be lagging much on the court. It could be a direct effect of that leg strain.

And there is only so much time that phil can use KB at the four, plus you have to account for match up problems with other teams.

All this talking really says, is how much we miss Trevor A. He was looking like a very attractive option, until he broke his bone. And last night on KCAL they mentioned that Ariza may come back at the start of the playoffs or maybe not at all. Thats how bad his injury is healing.

So... i dont image the lakers having much flexibility on that front at this point in time...
I very much can't wait for Ariza to come back cuz I'm tired of hearing excuses from VRad. Since we got him, how much does he really play for us? The pattern shows 1/2 a season. That is like what Lamar makes for half a season. That is not cool or fair to the other guys and Lamar.
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