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Default Re: Changes for Next year

Tinsley's gotta go. Whether it's a legit injury, that ole sinus infection, or him just being a bum, the dude can't stay on the court. When he was playing well he was (somewhat) worth the PR problems he caused. Not anymore, get rid of him.

JO should go, but won't. Trading him in the offseason wouldn't amount to anything more than a salary dump, his value is that low. I'm not ready to go that far to get rid of him. Get him healthy, wait for him to put up at least 16/8 next year with his ALWAYS great post defense, then try and trade him for picks and young guard prospect if we don't draft one, along with whatever contract to make it work. This would be hard to find that combination, which is why I think he'll play out his contract here in Indy. If the guy could ever be consistently healthy that'd be great, but at this point 60 games would surprise me.

Rush should be back, no doubt about it. He'll probably be overpaid by someone, something like $5mil a year, so he'll leave. But if they can keep him for something like $2.5 you do it. He's our only real two, easily our best shooter, and has surprised me a lot with his defense. His D's nothing stellar, but at least he has the foot speed to stay in front of perimeter players.

The biggest thing we need is a PG. Getting in the top 5 and getting Derrick Rose would be a dream, but it's a pipedream I'm afraid. A guy like Darren Collison or DJ Augustin would be very nice though, and we should be obtainable. And when JO comes back, he needs to understand he's not the man anymore, Danny is. And to a certain extent, Mike should get the look before JO. He needs to focus on defense since he's so good at it. No more of the 13ft jumpers, dish it out.

Oh, and please don't draft Eric Gordon. Sure it'd sell tickets, but I don't like his game all that much.

Thanks for reading my rant.
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