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Default Re: Smush And Kwame Don't Get Minutes for the 2 Worst Teams in the League.

Originally Posted by magic chiongson
lol, 2 starters from a playoff team (albeit until the first round only) dont get minutes on the two worst teams in the NBA. nice

i still want to sign kwame for the vets minimum tho heh
No just no...I wouldn't even want him to play for even 1 minute for the Lakers. Do you know why he sucks so bad? Besides his low IQ/lack of effort, he has really small hands. He can't catch the damn basketball, he can't hold the ball with one hand, therefore he'll never be a good center/PF or a player for that matter.

His hands are the size of my hands, literally. Thats why he misses wide open dunks sometimes. Very embarassing.

This is what I'm talking about small hands and low IQ.

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