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Default Re: I'm really starting to "dislike" Dirk

Originally Posted by gts
mavs appear to me to be cracking under the stress...the loss to miami 2 years ago, then the first round exit last year after having that great record and an MVP trophy in hand. this year the struggles... teams getting better while they seem to be on a slow decline... then the trade for kidd and all the turmoil surrounding it...
they are playing .500 ball of late in a conference where it's gonna take .600 just to be in the playoffs... looks to me like a team on the edge of implosion... avery has his hands full for the rest of the years

I agree as usual....we think alike some times.

I had to cheer loudly when I heard of the one game suspension for
the cheap foul on AK47...YES!! and I am now praying that Dallas
misses the playoffs by one game and we Dirk-haters can point to
last night's loss against Houston...way to go Dirk!! Although I too
would love to see a first round matchup with Dallas. We own them!!!

What's our record against them over the last 20 years?
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