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Originally Posted by Buck
Many trades are made to create salary cap room. For instance, Webber was not and still is not worth around 20Mil. Some fans seem to think the owners have an unlimited amount to spend. There was some talk earlier about acquiring Allen Iverson. His $20Mil contract for five years would total $100Mil. and when you double that amount as a penalty for exceeding the Luxury Tax threshold, the total cost would be $200 Mil. Joe Maloof's net worth is only $200Mil. The point I'm trying to make is that the GM has to manage the money wisely--otherwise he could end up like the Knicks--$125Mil. for annual salaries and little to show for it.

That doesn't matter, you have to send out equal salaries anyway. Instead of paying 20 million for Potapenko, Kenny, and Corliss we'd be paying 20 million for Webber. Too be honest I don't really like either scenario. If Petrie can turn those expirings+Kenny into a good player then it's a good trade, if we get stuck with Kenny and they run out then it's a bad trade. It's that simple.
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