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Default Re: Top 5 Soon To Be Draftees You Wanna Watch In The NBA

The thing that I find funny is that everyone thinks Hansbrough is going to be a bust, so how can he be a bust? A bust is someone that is expected to do well and doesn't. Plus, I don't see how anyone outside of the lottery can be considered a bust, unless they are really, really bad. Joe Forte was a bust. William Avery was a bust. Trajan Langdon was a bust. But are guys like Brandon Haywood, Casey Jacobson, or Brian Cook really busts? They have stuck around in the NBA. They were not considered guys who will change the face of a team like Olowokandi, Kwame, or Araujo, who are busts. I just think it is all relative, but you can't call a guy a lot of people think won't do well a bust.
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