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No way is Speights better than Horford. The thing everyone needs to remember is that Horford played with a team full of NBA players. Speights is doing it with a much weaker team. This team has a ton of potential, but none of these guys would have been much more than an afterthought on last years team. I'm not saying Speights can't be a very good player, but lets not overhype him to the point where he can't live up to expectations.

I think with the Rockets current winning streak people are forgetting about this teams weakness'. Yes a backup C and true PG would be nice, but who are they going to take? You yourself don't have any centers going after their pick, and Gordon is hardly a "true" PG. This teams other weakness is having someone to score when things are not going right. McGrady is good for missing 20 games a year and when he is out they don't have anyone that can really just get to the basket and make something happen. As a team, like they are playing now, they can bring everything together and be great, but that isn't going to be the case for a whole season. Smith is not only young and could replace Battier if he leaves in the next couple years, but he can also provide a spark off the bench. Landry and Head have proven they can do that somewhat, but there is nothing to say these two could be used in trade bait at some point in the near future. Smith may not be T-Mac, but he is athletic and rebounds, can force turnovers, and is a pretty good passer as well.
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