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Default Re: Top 5 Soon To Be Draftees You Wanna Watch In The NBA

Originally Posted by 5 2 3 5
Beasley, Rose, Gordon, Jordan, and Mayo. Hansbrough will be useless in the NBA. Most people don't want to watch a bust.

I cant wait until hansbrough come out. When he proves everyone wrong and is not a bust. Its going to be awesome. I am starting to think its all about race when it comes to him. He is obviously a good player. Any college team would gladly welcome him. Yet everyone wants to hate on him. The arguments just arent good. Are you trying to tell me that sean may looked like a better pro project?

Anyways that is another thread. My top five. Are rose, beasley, gordon, budinger, kevin love( cause he is a bust waiting to happen).

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