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Default Re: Ever been owned by a game?

Originally Posted by Geandily
I remember when I was about 12 years old I used to save all of my money to buy an NES game, they were like $60 dollars, so I would save up lunch money, do yardwork, chores around the house to get enough money to buy an NES game, it would usually take me about a month to get enough money to buy one of those things.

So I remember saving up for a month to buy this game Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the game starts out, it plays some cool intro video of Dr. Jekyll turning into Mr. Hyde and all these lightning bolts start flashing around, so I was all excited right? So the game starts, you walk outside and you have a cane or a sword or something and theres these people running at you, damaging you, but the weapon doesnt do ANYTHING, you couldn't even jump high enough to get OVER these people.

So then you die, and you turn into Mr. Hyde, and then all of a sudden you get struck by lightning


I could never even get past the first level, I had other people try it, nobody could do anything. I mean, you leave some house, these people run at you, you die, you respawn as Mr. Hyde and suddenly, lightning strikes and you're dead. $60 and a months worth of work for 40 seconds of gameplay.

Dr. Jeykll and Mr. Hyde IGN Review

Hopefully that helps ease the old pain.
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