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Default Re: Official PimpCast: Lakers vs. Rockets, 3/16/08, 12:30PM PST, Toyota Center

Originally Posted by GMW
haha, Westvleteren is hard to get, even for people from Flanders like myself, but I'll see what I can do

I wasn't aware that our beers, although excellent, were this famous. My personal favourite is Leffe

Actually, Westvleteren is known as one of the "best" beers in the world and is highly coveted. It is nearly impossible to get in the United States because the abbey does not want to sell it for commercial resale. They only sell it to individuals and even take down your car license plate when you go to the abbey to purchase it and then you can only get a limited amount to take home. I do have a way to get it, but it is not easy. I have about 6 bottles left at home right now!

Leffe is delicious as well, so its a good choice! If you can try some Westvleteren, you might like that too!!!!!


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