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Default Re: Official PimpCast: Lakers vs. Rockets, 3/16/08, 12:30PM PST, Toyota Center

Yes Mike if we had them we beat the Rockets, but we don t and i thought, in fact i still think, this team has enough to win without them as long as they are here for the playoffs. I worry we lose valuable seeding because of these injuries. I worry it ultimately costs us a REAL chance at the title. I hate the words NEXT YEAR! I believe if we play TOUGHER and Jackson steps up here as a coach intensity wise and we play smart we CAN win at least one of these 2 games. Also, Odom must play with some concentration and purpose. I d love to, not be the coach, but be in a position to convey these thoughts to the club. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
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