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Fellow gamers, help me decide what do regarding getting Mario Kart Wii on April 11th.

Should I:

1) Pre-order the game now and hopefully have it arrive on the release date. Some websites promise this, but I've been let down in the past, so a bit hesistant about doing that. I'd go crazy if it didn't turn up April 11th.

2) Pre-order the game instore and pick it up as early as possible. I have 3 games stores within a 10 mile radius of me, and there is a possibility of a couple of them having a midnight launch. I've never been to one so might be fun, though I could get mugged in the process of getting to the shop at night knowing the type of people who hang around the streets at that time.

3) Just turn up sometime in the morning on the off-chance there are still copies available. Us English aren't as crazy for games as America or Japan, so there will possibily still be some copies available.

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