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Default Re: Lakers, Clippers will pursue free agent Arenas

Originally Posted by Tainted Sword
I wouldn’t trade Fisher given his situation.

I’m kind of waiting till the playoffs when our roster is at full strength to decide whether Odom is what we need.

I’m also kind of hesitant to trade for Agent Zero, given his ego and the fact I don't think he could handle being 3rd fiddle to Kobe/Gasol, but he’d be a very good addition if he played for the team. Good perimeter shooter that can create his own shots.

He’s also from LA, so that could persuade him. He would need a huge pay-cut though…

I was thinking with Fish that if his daughters treatment has progressed enough, he may no longer find himself in the same dire place than at the beginning of the treatment... But still I find it unlikely that he would be traded, as you said...

I also dont find it a great fit for Arenas to come here to the Lakers, I dont see him fitting in well with the current possible dynamic.

Yet I would be extremely happy if he were to go to the clippers. He would fit much better in their system, they need him more, and he could help lift up the face of the other L.A. franchise.

Im an L.A. native born and raised.. so as much as Im a Laker fan, I would not mind the Clips giving the city of L.A. another solid team to root for
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