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Default Re: Lakers, Clippers will pursue free agent Arenas

I'm not sure how content the Wizards would be just receiving a expiring contract back for Odom which is the only way this would work. The Lakers will have a $75M payroll next year which makes Odom more valuable to the Lakers than the Wizards who will be under the cap. The Lakers would really have to put together something that will entice the Wizards to do a sign and trade because Gilbert could just as easily opt out and re-sign elsewhere which would leave the Lakers with not much power to negotiate. I doubt Buss would want a $100M payroll which is much more than what he was paying for his championship years. Would Arenas guarantee a championship in LA? I would say he would guarantee that they'd be the #1 seed. How potent would Arenas, Bryant, and Gasol be?

With Gasol able to play center and has been doing it with much success for the team so far, I wouldn't be surprised if they entertain throwing Bynum in on a package for Arenas, but that would be hard to put together since Bynum only makes $2.7M. He would have to be combined with at least Radomonvic and Walton, but why would the Wizards want those players?

In the end, the Lakers may lose out on the Arenas sweepstakes which maybe a good thing. There just wouldn't be enough ball to go around with Arenas, Kobe, and Gasol. Unfortunately, the Lakers are without a first round pick this year so they'll have to do their work in the free agent market. I'd be in favor of them going after another Wizard, Antawn Jamison who will probably not be asking for a raise and may sign for much cheaper than his $16M this year. If the Lakers can sign him for about half that, then it would be a bargain and the promise of a deep playoff run may just entice Jamison enough. The line up?

PG Fisher - Farmar
SG Bryant - Vujacic
SF Odom - Walton - Ariza
PF Jamison - Turiaf
C Gasol - Bynum - Mihm
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