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Default Re: Lakers, Clippers will pursue free agent Arenas

Originally Posted by ZeN
Love the optimistic view...

What would be the starting line up?

Since we trade away Odom in this deal like it says above, we can finally play Kobe at small forward where he absolutely dominates. Thats his easiest scoring spot.


We would definitely run a lot more with this lineup with Farmar being the starter, and from what we see on TV, its no secret that Pau, Kobe, and Gilbert absolutely love to run!

Bynum was getting faster last season so I can see him sprinting a few times up the court as well.

I dont know who we will trade off the bench but We would still have decent role players thats for sure. Either way we got guys in the lineups that play 40+ minutes so that shouldn't be a major concern.
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